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Contributions to Gujarat influencing people in support for Narendra Modi

India’s state Gujarat under modi has completely got a new face today. Modi has done a lot for the development of the state being the chief minister. He has even been honored for the contributions that he did for Indian Business. Modi has made Gujarat a place where every person whether rich or poor can live happy and earn their livings through work or business.


The complete nation is showing their support for Narendra Modi today which is obvious to be gained by him with his work and the efforts that he made for his people. The economic growth of Gujarat has raised to 10 percent in the leadership of Modi while other states of India are suffering from a slowdown. This growth of Gujarat was unpredictable and it is only Modi who can make things happen in reality. Modi is a man of words and does what it says, which attracts people to be in his support as only if they will be supportive, then only Modi could earn the seat which will be for the progress of nation not for one self.- See more at: http://www.modiforpm.org/whytosupportmodi.aspx#sthash.SobiUQSJ.dpuf

Contribution of Narendra Modi in distinct aspects

Today Gujarat is seen as the most developed state of India. Narendra Modi is the one who has brought a change which is noticeable. When Modi wanted to be the chief minister of Gujarat, he wanted to have the complete control over it so that it could bring a change. This proved that he has achieved what it aimed for the condition of the state. Since his childhood he has been interested in politics and was even a good debater. He has the passion to work for the growth and development of India, so he fulfilled his aim by serving as the CM and hopefully soon people will see him serving the nation.

ppt-150813-inner3Gujarat is a state which has several means of development out of which milk production is the one which gave rise to the popular brand “Amul”. At present Gujarat is producing many lakhs liter of milk per day out of which some lakhs liters of milk are transferred to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The Amul brand started in a small village in Gujarat . This became possible only with the efforts made by Narendra Modi for pm and there is no doubt for him being the most talented and deserving candidate for the upcoming elections in 2014.

BJP Megastar is now country Megastar

Narendra Modi who is the present chief minister of India is not only serving the state but its people. He has always aimed for doing good for the nation so is serving the country also in the best possible way. The development that he has done is Gujarat is not only favorable to the state but also for the country. He has made several things which are not saving water for future use also.


Today, Narendra Modi news is very much impressive because it is about the work that he has done in Gujarat. He has made availability of drinking water even to every remote area at a prompt. This has overcome the shortage of water. Tanks are made in every village and water is pumped over there just by pressing a button. From there the water is transferred to the people.

Now Gujarat has become a distributor of many things which includes petroleum products as well as natural gas. The transport system has taken a new face now which has helped many.

Narendra Modi listed in Time Magazine for person of the year

Very popular person the chief minister of Gujarat and BJP PM in waiting Narendra Modi is listed in most famous Magazine TIME for person of the year. Time Magazine chooses Modi in those 42 persons who are voted online for person of the year. The announcement of person of the year will be declare next month. The people who are selected in this list are belong to different places in world.


Expect Narendra Modi the other person selected, are Shinjoabe Prime Minister of Japan, U.S. President Barack Obama, Pakistan Mlala Usufji, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos of and many other person are listed. Modi on Time magazine selected the world’s largest democracy, is currently the most popular face told by TIME. The most amazing thing is that Modi is only selected in the popular list of TIME. Time magazine starts vote online voting process for most influential people from around the world, selecting the name and introduced them. Over all voted are 2650. Let’s see who will be person of the year. For more update of this you can visit us at http://www.modiforpm.org/ArticlesNews.aspx

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi creates Guinness world record

There is another add on to the list of Narendra Modi’ S record. The Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi created has Guinness world record with his 3D interaction during the assembly elections campaign in the state.


The interaction of the 3D of Shri Modi through 53 sites enters on December 10th, 2012 the book of Guinness world records for the most simultaneous emissions of the illusion of the phantom of pepper. It was a task humongous for us. Modi was very happy since work was successfully carried out by us. This reward means much for us at Nehant because we were the first being managed to improvise successfully technology 3D in a political, said Reddy.

Gujarat CM also acted one on the other with the people of the state by the technology of projection 3D on the multiple occasions during the electoral campaign 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha. The official Web site of in chief minister hailed the disc and credited Modi to bring “the technological revolution” to electoral campaign. The last election campaign in Gujarat was very special because it marked a variation of paradigm in the manner that technology was perceived and used in any election campaign in the history of India. For more information visit us at http://www.modiforpm.org/

We cannot wait 50 years Narendra Modi in Indore rally

On Friday 22th November Gujarat chief minister and BJP PM in waiting Narendra Modi came to address BJP rally just before election in Indore Madhya Pradesh. People looked exited for Modi rally in Indore. When Modi came in a white car people looked crazy to welcome Modi, for this a tight security arranged by MP government.


Modi address many short rallies in different places in MP like, Khandwa, Badwani, Jhabua and Indore. Here Modi gave amazing motivated speech, this speech specially focused on youth. Here Modi said, If MP people choose Shivraj singh 3rd time for chief minister, he will take over Gujarat next 5 years, youth are power of this country and we will use this power to grow our country. Further Modi said, youth need a chance to make their career, and we will arrange and create chance of career.

Modi also talked about development in rural areas, and said country need to repair to its starting point, first we will manage roads of country and then repair more things.

This time Madhya Pradesh addressed to Narendra Modi speech

On 22th November Friday Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is coming to Madhya Pradesh, here he will address many rallies. Just before election Modi will stay 2 days in Madhya Pradesh will address rallies and programs here. On Friday Modi will land to Indore airport from there he will reach to Dussehra Ground, here he will address his first rally during this visiting.


According to BJP source Mass inundation will come to listen Narendra Modi speech in Dussehra Ground. Just before election Modi will stay 2 days in Madhya Pradesh, and will address rallies and programs in different places of MP.  With BJP prime minister candidate nominee many other senior BJP leaders will also be present in Rally. Just before election this rally has importance for BJP. As we know on 25th November election are conduct in MP, and this election could provide many seats for BJP for LOK Sabha polls in 2014.

BJP assuming that this time BJP can get huge vote form Madhya Pradesh and can will with a large amount of votes to congress.

Modi today address rally in Agra Uttar Pradesh

On the way of PM, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi addressing rallies in different places in country, on Thursday, Modi address a huge crowd in Agra Uttar Pradesh. BJP rally is to assume that the 40-assembly (Eight Lok Sabha) from the fields to listen to Modi crowd of millions could come and there will be huge crowed could come to listen Narendra Modi speech in rally. Preparation for the rally continued until late Wednesday. Due to rally for vehicles coming from Delhi and Kanpur was route diversion.


Rally will be started on Kothi Meena Bazar in Agra, a huge platform prepared for this rally. In this rally there will be BJP president Rajnath singh and other important BJP leaders present in rally. According to party sources Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh land at 12 on Kheria airport around noon, arriving by road from there to come to the rally site. State President Laxmikant press conference on Wednesday at the rally site Vajpayee said to sit at the rally ground is divided into 16 blocks.

narendra modi, predicted as the next PM of India

The current Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi has made the state really noticeable because of the several developments and prosperity. He is one of the world famous CM and is gaining popularity because of the success he achieved in his working for the state and its people. This is the reason why people wish to see him as the next Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi biography clearly tells about the struggle that he has been through in his life. Even when he became the CM of Gujarat several issues were created which were not because of his fault and he never had the intention to develop that. Many a time he is accused or he accuses someone due to which he is always in new. This is not his trick to gain fame but it is his worth that keeps him always in the news. People who want to let him down speaks about him and he speaks always for the rights and the truth which his competitors don’t accept.

Today the question is very much debated who will be the next Prime Minister of India. A lot of things are being done in its relation and one thing is found in common that everyone is cheering for Narendra Modi. This must have made clear to all that Modi is not playing any tricks because if have done so, the complete crowd must not have been at his side.

Spread of web conference related information by Narendra Modi

Today no one is unaware about Narendra Modi who is the current Chief Minister of Gujarat. When he became the leader the condition of the state was worse but he brought a noticeable change and made it one of the most developed state in India. He is representing Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) political party and is also one of the strongest prime ministerial candidate for the upcoming elections.

Modi was born on September 17th 1950 as a third child to his parents. He was born in Vadnagar in the Gujarat state. They are total 6 siblings. Because Narendra Modi for pm belonged to a middle class family he had to work in a tea stall which was run by his brothers near the bus stop. Despite of working, he completed his schoolings also. Since childhood was very much interested in doing good deeds for the people of his country and he was a very good debater as well.

In 2001 Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and this happened because he wanted to have full control over the state so that he can do what he planned to do for the growth and development of the people and state. On 7th October 2001, Modi got the official position of CM in Gujarat.