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Narendra Modi news about popularity and work according to survey

Gujarat development under Narendra Modi has moved him long way ahead in the race of forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. According to the survey dictation controlled by major news channels of New Delhi, Modi has proven as the most popular candidate representing the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).


Today not only the people of Gujarat and India, but also people all over the world are praising him and have developed lot of love and respect for him and want to see him as the future Prime Minister of India.

Today Narendra Modi is very much in the news because of its hardship which has resulted into the current position of Gujarat where he is serving as a chief Minister since 2001. People re-elected him thrice which shows the faith of people in him despite of the issue that occurred in 2002. That was not the fault of NaMo which have even been proved by the clean chit given to him.

He had never discriminated between castes and religion which made him win the title of longest serving CM of Gujarat. Modi always said that he had never done anything wrong and is a man of words who has brought unbelievable change in the condition of Gujarat as he stated the same.

Narendra Modi for PM focuses on developing trust among the people

The people of India have seen the Gujarat development under Modi which have helped people to overcome from melancholy and depression and develop a new hope for progressing in the future under the leadership of most probable future Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. He even said that people of India have been cheated so many times by the elections that they are not inspired any more by stories but they want proof. Modi has already proved his worth by bringing an incredible change in the condition of Gujarat and being the longest serving Chief Minister of Gujarat.


Narendra Modi for PM is a true patriot and is willing to bring an amazing and marvelous change in the condition of India for which he shows the importance of developing trust in people for the government. He is addressing rallies on a regular basis due to many reasons which are related to the welfare and progress of people. For his rally in Gandhinagar he stated that, he wants to find and present answers to all the questions of people. Modi believes in optimism and hates pessimists because nothing is impossible as the word itself says ‘I m possible’.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan praises Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi

On the day of kite festival and Makarsankranti Bollywood superstar Salman Khan get together praised of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Salman khan said to people that they should vote for deserving candidate of their area.


On Tuesday Salman Khan reached to Ahmadabad to meet Narendra Modi and for promotion of his new upcoming movie. Modi posted tweet just after meeting of Salman Khan. Then both came join to traditional Kite Festival. There were lot of crowd to saw both together Modi and Salman. Salman flied kite as well as autograph to others. At kite festival Salman said Modi is a nice person and he really developed Gujarat.

On the other side Baba Ramdev and Kiran Bedi announced publically to support Narendra Modi for pm, Baba said in all over country Modi is the only deserving candidate for PM, and Kiran Bedi said My vote will only go for Gujarat Cm Narendra Modi.

Kiran Bedi Also Support Narendra Modi for Next PM

Kiran Bedi also publicly endorsed the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said that stable, accountable and good governance can and will vote Modi. Bedi said late Thursday night that stability, good governance and good for the country, Modi would be my vote.

Kiran Bedi said that the Centre must formulate the BJP government and the country’s next Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a better. Modi is becoming clear that his rhetoric Kiran Bedi will join the party soon.

This is the first time Kiran Bedi publicly supports Narendra Modi for PM 2014. He wrote on Twitter that first comes to India for me. Still, better governance, good governance, accountability and overall fair Namo my vote as a voter (Narendra Modi) will be on. He tweeted that none of us wants to scam free country, he cannot vote for the Congress. India needs stability and experienced hands.

India needs a good leader to have somebody like MODI who has already proven himself from last 12 years in Gujarat and He can give a stable government too. Kiran Bedi is always known for her honesty and best services. This change will really help India to get a best and most honest Prime Minister (PM).

Modi donated their gifts for girls’ education

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, often talk about Gujarat development model in his speeches. Modi, who hat-trick to power in Gujarat took a fired of growth in state. The sandy Gujarat was worried about the water problem; it is now leading the development of the relief. Biggest rich person over the world trying to invest here in Gujarat for their business. This is really shows us Narendra Modi achievement for Gujarat. He once again to trigger the direction donated his entire gift, Modi have been donated all the gifts to promote girls’ education in the state.


Narendra modi donated all those gift those he found from 2001, for poor Girl’s education in state. These gifts will receive from the state government nearly Rs 26.54 lakh.  Modi have donated 3064 all those gift, Modi found as a chief minister to the people. 103 of these gifts made ​​of gold and silver artifacts whose value is equal to approximately 14 Lakhs.

This is not first time when Modi donating, even before she is 13 times their products have donated to the state treasury and public works. Before November 15464 gifts were donated by Modi in 2001, the auction was for the state government earned Rs 18.91 Crore. And the amount was used for state development.

Baba Ramdev laid condition To support Modi

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is known as biggest supporter of Gujarat chief minister, and PM in waiting Narendra Modi for pm. Recently Baba Ramdev laid some conditions in front of Modi to support him. In the 2014 general elections, Ramdev said that his organization ‘Bharat Swabhiman platform will only support Narendra Modi, when he promised to bring to India the black money kept in abroad. Ramdev told reporters on Friday – we have many issues, but the most important of these is black money. We believe that when if we get back black money from abroad, every village in the country will have crores of money. He said – Modi will trust me to bring back black money, then I will support him.


Ramdev said Modi is a very honest person, so I think he will definitely agree on this point. Ramdev said that the five Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi in January will be hosting the gathering, BJP leaders in the House before he will speak on issues of your organization. And if everything will be alright he will officially announce support commitment to Modi.

Facts to know about Narendra modi biography

Everyone knows about modi but there are some facts that are unknown, thus there are some facts to know about Narendra modi biography are underlined:

• The one of the main reasons why he has succeeded in placing himself as one of the most affable and sought after politicians in India just because of modi has learned 3 month course in the US on public relations and image management.

Narendra Modi is very particular about his appearance in public. He prefers trimmed beard and hair. He always tries to look elegant whenever he moves out.

100 resons to support narendra modi

• He is a prolific writer and poet. He writes in Gujarati language and his favorite topics include the life and teachings of Hindutva icons. Modi is a big fan of Swami Vivekananda.

• Narendra Modi adores his mother and never forgets to take her blessings whenever he undertakes any new political initiative. In fact, she is his only closest relation. He doesn’t drink and smoke. He is a complete vegetarian.

• Narendra Modi has been a public-spirited person since childhood. During the Indo-Pak held in 1965, Modi as a 15 year old boy volunteered to serve the soldiers in transit at the railway stations. Similarly, at the age of 17 years in 1967, he served the flood affected people of Gujarat.

• Modi ran a tea stall with his brother and sold tea for many years. That time Modi learnt what hardship really meant for surviving and it made him more determined and resolute in his approach towards life.

Various factors in favor of narendra modi for pm 2014

Narendra Modi is the prime ministerial candidate representing Bhartiya Janata Party. He was born in a middle class family as a third child to his parents on 17th September 1950. He is the current Chief Minister of Gujarat where he took birth in a town called Vadnagar. He is serving the 13th year as the CM and have created a record as the longest serving CM in Gujarat. This is the reason why people are supporting Narendra Modi for pm 2014 as during his leadership he has done so much for Gujarat that has completely changed it and people of India want him to work for the welfare and development of the nation also.


People re-elected Modi after seeing his work as the CM but Narendra Modi history shows that he was having the feeling of serving the country and its people since his childhood. The motto of Modi to get into politics was to earn a platform which will allow him to give a new height to the country according to his personal way of working. As he was born in a middle class family, he knew the difficulties that people of India were and are still facing due to the governance but now the time has arrived when people have become aware about their rights to develop and grow with new governance which is supposed to be of Modi.

10 important point of Narendra Modi speech in Mumbai

Just before Lok Sabha polls of 2014, BJP arranging rallies for Narendra Modi’s promotions. In that rallies Modi is sharing his views for country and discussing countries major factors. In Narendra Modi’s rallies in Mumbai BJP hire 10000 tea vendors and gave him special VIP passes. In Bandra Kurla Complex of Mumbai Gujarat chief minister and BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi addressed peoples during a rally. Modi said time has changed now every poor person live with standard.


Here are 10 important points of Modi’s rally:

1)      Vote for India

2)      Congress quit India

3)      Maladministration Diabetes

4)      Minister of the Government compliments

5)      Modi is in heart of people

6)      Country’s every poor people will be VIP

7)      Tweet on Rahul Gandhi

8)      Requested to Muslims

9)      Satya Mev Jayte

10)   Point out to Congress

Run for unity event flag off by Narendra Modi

An event organized for memory and fund for a statue of Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel ‘Statue of Unity’, people participate on a huge level.  People from different places in whole country run together in this marathon. This is a marathon, which is the youth icon and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has become a devotee of Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel’s dream will come true. The marathon event to be set up to collect iron for 182 meters high statue of Patel, design between the Narmada river. LK Advani flagged off the race appeared in Ahmadabad.


Unity in Vdodera green runs for flagging Modi said it just was not his dream, but the country’s millions. The race was held the country’s 1000 different places.Young people participating in the race – with BJP worker, presidents of the country by the end of February to 1.87 million, the iron will and seeking to bring every village. Run for Unity is recognized as the world’s largest marathon, of which 10.2 million people are participating.  To see more – http://www.modiforpm.org/whytosupportmodi.aspx