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Modi is most popular political leader in all over country

On 20th January 2014, one more work had been added to the Narendra Modi biography. He released two music albums in Gujarat based on poems authoring freedom fighter Veer Savakar. He wrote it during the period when he was in the Andaman jail. The name of the albums released are ‘Swatantrate Bhagwati’ and ‘Savarkar Ni Amar Rachnao’. This information has been issued by the state information department.


On this occasion, NaMo praised Veer Savarkar for his work that he did with the feeling of patriotism  and also gave him rich and valuable tribute. Modi described about Savarkar’s freedom fight, for which he sacrificed  everything and dedicated his whole life exclusively to the cause of freedom.

Narendra Modi for PM 2014 is a true patriot who always wanted to serve people to make their life easy and progressive and with this aim he became the CM and now looking forward to the forthcoming elections. He even wants the freedom fighters to be alive in people’s heart who sacrificed their lives for the country and its people. Modi believes that the government must do everything for the sake of the growth and development of people who will in turn make the nation grow and is working on the same.

Narendra Modi is most popular political leader – BJP

Country biggest party BJP claimed that its prime minister Candidate and Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, caste, region and religion beyond the country’s most popular leader. The BJP president Rajnath singh said that BJP party is now a big head then Congress party, in this independent country many political parties came in existence but no one can beat congress party, BJP is the one and only party that has beat congress party and has good existence in country.


Pravasi Bharatiya Divas held at the BJP headquarters here on the eve of the start,  NRI from all over the world from the program, Rajnath singh said, you all should constituted to party. We will create a situation in which people share of foreign direct investment in the country increased 40 percent to 35.

As we know Lok Sabha election are near, and BJP party president don’t want to take any kind of risk, as he know much quality that Narendra Modi is the only person who can back to party in power.

Narendra Modi is the Power of Gujarat’s Development

Narendra Modi, a liberal and a democrat are also cons-intuitive as it may seem. It must be clear out that most conservative of Narendra Modi in the public philosophize have been based on a superficial understanding of their life experiences. They are also disconnected worlds of Narendra Modi and carry a wide range of issues of freedom of social media to media censorship.

Five years ago, the past, we first tour outside Gujarat Narendra Modi, he is the effective power in Gujarat in December 2007, re-elected should focus on one. The magazine’s annual reader Thuglak a speech to the conference, Narendra Modi in Chennai in January of 2008 saw the 38th anniversary Thuglak magazine.

If we discuss about the Narendra Modi history in Hindi language. Most speech Narendra Modi is usually delivered improvised or Gujarati or Hindi. Speeches in English are not only rare, but are also generally prepared text. Speech in Chennai in 2008 has been a notable exception. Narendra Modi not only spoke English, but did so without the aid of any prepared text. His impromptu speech in English came with the comfort of a natural speaker who had felt the pulse and attracted the attention of his audience. Its philosophy of “minimal government, maximum governance.”