Kiran Bedi Also Support Narendra Modi for Next PM

Kiran Bedi also publicly endorsed the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said that stable, accountable and good governance can and will vote Modi. Bedi said late Thursday night that stability, good governance and good for the country, Modi would be my vote.

Kiran Bedi said that the Centre must formulate the BJP government and the country’s next Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a better. Modi is becoming clear that his rhetoric Kiran Bedi will join the party soon.

This is the first time Kiran Bedi publicly supports Narendra Modi for PM 2014. He wrote on Twitter that first comes to India for me. Still, better governance, good governance, accountability and overall fair Namo my vote as a voter (Narendra Modi) will be on. He tweeted that none of us wants to scam free country, he cannot vote for the Congress. India needs stability and experienced hands.

India needs a good leader to have somebody like MODI who has already proven himself from last 12 years in Gujarat and He can give a stable government too. Kiran Bedi is always known for her honesty and best services. This change will really help India to get a best and most honest Prime Minister (PM).

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