Narendra Modi is popular then Rahul Gandhi Gandhi – Shatrughn sinha

Country prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh praised Rahul Gandhi and commit for better Pm candidate in upcoming general election then Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. Senior BJP leader and MP from Patna Sahib constituency Shatrughn Sinha said that BJP prime minister candidate Narendra Modi popular then Rahul Gandhi. There is no comparison between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi in popularity.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s remarks on Narendra Modi was about to become the prime minister said the country was devastating for, with laughing Shatrughn sinha said this is ridicules, Narendra Modi made 3rd time Gujarat chief minister and known for better management and development of Gujarat. On the other side Rahul Gandhi is like fresher he doesn’t know anything about country need, how he can said such that for Narendra Modi.

Further Sinha said to be prime minister for Rahul Gandhi is like to see dreams in night, this is not easy for Rahul Gandhi. On the Gujarat 2002 riots Modi got clean chit form court, now he is a respective man in country.

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