Baba Ramdev laid condition To support Modi

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is known as biggest supporter of Gujarat chief minister, and PM in waiting Narendra Modi for pm. Recently Baba Ramdev laid some conditions in front of Modi to support him. In the 2014 general elections, Ramdev said that his organization ‘Bharat Swabhiman platform will only support Narendra Modi, when he promised to bring to India the black money kept in abroad. Ramdev told reporters on Friday – we have many issues, but the most important of these is black money. We believe that when if we get back black money from abroad, every village in the country will have crores of money. He said – Modi will trust me to bring back black money, then I will support him.


Ramdev said Modi is a very honest person, so I think he will definitely agree on this point. Ramdev said that the five Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi in January will be hosting the gathering, BJP leaders in the House before he will speak on issues of your organization. And if everything will be alright he will officially announce support commitment to Modi.

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