Gujarat development facts supporting modi for upcoming elections

When narendra modi for pm 2014 became the Chief Minister, the condition of Gujarat was very bad and it was modi who really wanted to serve nation that’s why asked for the designation of CM when he was given the proposal of Deputy Chief Minister. He knew that if he want to change the situation completely, he need to have the power. Modi earned a lot of love and respect from people with his work which was proved thrice when he got re-elected in Gujarat.


narendra modi history shows that he has faced a lot of difficulties in his life which gave him strength to be patient at such times. As he was born in a middle class family he learned many secrets of happy living. He had been working hard since his childhood, which motivated him and developed a passion in him to help people in living in the best effective way. He is a true patriot who always had a feeling to serve its nation and that’s why decided to join politics. He did his schooling along with working and completed his master’s degree in political science which is why having versed knowledge about politics. He is the longest serving CM of Gujarat which also proves his worth and the experience that he is having makes him best suitable candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


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