Facts to know about Narendra modi biography

Everyone knows about modi but there are some facts that are unknown, thus there are some facts to know about Narendra modi biography are underlined:

• The one of the main reasons why he has succeeded in placing himself as one of the most affable and sought after politicians in India just because of modi has learned 3 month course in the US on public relations and image management.

Narendra Modi is very particular about his appearance in public. He prefers trimmed beard and hair. He always tries to look elegant whenever he moves out.

100 resons to support narendra modi

• He is a prolific writer and poet. He writes in Gujarati language and his favorite topics include the life and teachings of Hindutva icons. Modi is a big fan of Swami Vivekananda.

• Narendra Modi adores his mother and never forgets to take her blessings whenever he undertakes any new political initiative. In fact, she is his only closest relation. He doesn’t drink and smoke. He is a complete vegetarian.

• Narendra Modi has been a public-spirited person since childhood. During the Indo-Pak held in 1965, Modi as a 15 year old boy volunteered to serve the soldiers in transit at the railway stations. Similarly, at the age of 17 years in 1967, he served the flood affected people of Gujarat.

• Modi ran a tea stall with his brother and sold tea for many years. That time Modi learnt what hardship really meant for surviving and it made him more determined and resolute in his approach towards life.

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