Vote for India not for me – Modi

‘Vote for India not for me’ this is a new slogan of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. During his rally in Mumbai Modi shared his view with public and gave a future structure of country.  Modi said to people here is not about Narendra Modi or any politician, you are for nation and you have to vote for your nation or country. So you have to vote for country. You are not suppose to vote got me such like that Narendra Modi achievement for Gujarat or work in Gujarat, you are free and that man who will work for nation, you should vote for him.


BJP arranged this huge rally for Narendra Modi, in this rally BJP invited to over 10000 tea vendors for tea arranged in rallies for people. The main reason to called tea vendors is to promote Narendra Modi over country because Modi was a tea vendor in his childhood and were selling tea on stations. Modi said in rally that he know and understand about common people problems, and he will definitely work for these issues if he will come to power.


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