Only Modi can take action against black money- Baba Ramdev

During a program in New Delhi Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said that only Narendra Modi is the candidate or BJP leader who can take back black money after prime Minister. The black money of land development, agriculture and research explored and developed nation, India could become the world’s strongest. Speaking to reporters Anna Ramdev today said that the current government are supporting Lokpal bill must pass the course.


If you ever need from time to time may be amended. Like many of the country’s Constitution has been amended over time, Ramdev said that nearly one hundred thousand crores of Indian rupees is deposited abroad as black money, and it must be its right places.  And it is only possible when some one strictly take action against this, there a big system working to support black money, and it is not a easy task, and Narendra Modi is a brand leader and right person for Prime minister post.


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