People desiring Narendra Modi for pm to bring a change in the country

Narendra modi is the current chief minister of Gujarat representing a Bhartiya Janata Party. Modi has changed the condition of the state completely and is still planning for good changes. Today it has become the most developed state of India which was in a very bad situation when he became the leader and afterwards natural calamities harmed the people a lot but modi took a step to make people overcome from this harm and changed the circumstances.


Before narendra modi for pm entered into leadership, the people of Gujarat were also suffering from unemployment, unavailability of water, electricity and poverty. Modi always had a dream to serve his nation and its people so shown his will with his work and now every new change in the state speaks it all. His work has made him the perfect prime ministerial candidate as the people worldwide have seen his work and want him to work in the same way for the nation. Since his childhood modi wanted to work for the nation and wanted to change the terms and rules and he did it all.


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