Contribution of Narendra Modi in distinct aspects

Today Gujarat is seen as the most developed state of India. Narendra Modi is the one who has brought a change which is noticeable. When Modi wanted to be the chief minister of Gujarat, he wanted to have the complete control over it so that it could bring a change. This proved that he has achieved what it aimed for the condition of the state. Since his childhood he has been interested in politics and was even a good debater. He has the passion to work for the growth and development of India, so he fulfilled his aim by serving as the CM and hopefully soon people will see him serving the nation.

ppt-150813-inner3Gujarat is a state which has several means of development out of which milk production is the one which gave rise to the popular brand “Amul”. At present Gujarat is producing many lakhs liter of milk per day out of which some lakhs liters of milk are transferred to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The Amul brand started in a small village in Gujarat . This became possible only with the efforts made by Narendra Modi for pm and there is no doubt for him being the most talented and deserving candidate for the upcoming elections in 2014.


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