Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi creates Guinness world record

There is another add on to the list of Narendra Modi’ S record. The Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi created has Guinness world record with his 3D interaction during the assembly elections campaign in the state.


The interaction of the 3D of Shri Modi through 53 sites enters on December 10th, 2012 the book of Guinness world records for the most simultaneous emissions of the illusion of the phantom of pepper. It was a task humongous for us. Modi was very happy since work was successfully carried out by us. This reward means much for us at Nehant because we were the first being managed to improvise successfully technology 3D in a political, said Reddy.

Gujarat CM also acted one on the other with the people of the state by the technology of projection 3D on the multiple occasions during the electoral campaign 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha. The official Web site of in chief minister hailed the disc and credited Modi to bring “the technological revolution” to electoral campaign. The last election campaign in Gujarat was very special because it marked a variation of paradigm in the manner that technology was perceived and used in any election campaign in the history of India. For more information visit us at


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