Modi today address rally in Agra Uttar Pradesh

On the way of PM, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi addressing rallies in different places in country, on Thursday, Modi address a huge crowd in Agra Uttar Pradesh. BJP rally is to assume that the 40-assembly (Eight Lok Sabha) from the fields to listen to Modi crowd of millions could come and there will be huge crowed could come to listen Narendra Modi speech in rally. Preparation for the rally continued until late Wednesday. Due to rally for vehicles coming from Delhi and Kanpur was route diversion.


Rally will be started on Kothi Meena Bazar in Agra, a huge platform prepared for this rally. In this rally there will be BJP president Rajnath singh and other important BJP leaders present in rally. According to party sources Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh land at 12 on Kheria airport around noon, arriving by road from there to come to the rally site. State President Laxmikant press conference on Wednesday at the rally site Vajpayee said to sit at the rally ground is divided into 16 blocks.

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