Spread of web conference related information by Narendra Modi

Today no one is unaware about Narendra Modi who is the current Chief Minister of Gujarat. When he became the leader the condition of the state was worse but he brought a noticeable change and made it one of the most developed state in India. He is representing Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) political party and is also one of the strongest prime ministerial candidate for the upcoming elections.

Modi was born on September 17th 1950 as a third child to his parents. He was born in Vadnagar in the Gujarat state. They are total 6 siblings. Because Narendra Modi for pm belonged to a middle class family he had to work in a tea stall which was run by his brothers near the bus stop. Despite of working, he completed his schoolings also. Since childhood was very much interested in doing good deeds for the people of his country and he was a very good debater as well.

In 2001 Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and this happened because he wanted to have full control over the state so that he can do what he planned to do for the growth and development of the people and state. On 7th October 2001, Modi got the official position of CM in Gujarat.

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