Contributions shown in narendra modi news

After the emergence of Narendra Modi in Gujarat, the state has shown a great change. Before he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the condition of the state was very bad. He did a lot for his people as had a passion to do everything good for the people since its childhood.

Have a look at some of the chances that he made in his ruling time:

Water Management : It is excellent and he is still making plans for bringing it much ahead. Right now the average water per person per day is 70 liters and is guaranteed. In Gujarat mineral water costs only 20 paise. After knowing this Narendra Modi news, there is no more requirement for a more work list that he has done for the state, which will add a positive point for him to be the next Prime Minister of India but if people still want to know more can continue reading.

Famous dairy brand : There is much of milk production in this state and Narendra Modi for pm has made it helpful in developing different dairy products and this is the reason which gave rise to biggest brand “Amul”, which is making great profit for India. The dairy products which are developed are ghee, butter, cheese, milk powder and even ice creams.


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