People trust on Narendra Modi

Today everybody can clearly see how Narendra Modi has made a difference in the Gujarat state and even have faith in him as a future prime minister of India. As elections are nearby different politicians are hiding their faults and flaws from each other and of course from the public but Modi is not one of them . They think that can fool the public with sweet words but now people have got aware about their worth and importance of their votes.

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Today no one can deny that Narendra Modi for pm is the best chief minister of India and that is why being the most popular in today’s world. He was born on September 17th in 1950 at Vadnagar, Gujarat. He belonged to a middle class family. He was the third child to his parents. He did his schooling in Vadnagar itself and completed masters from Gujarat University.
Narendra Modi has been interested in politics since its childhood because wanted to serve its nation and its people that why joined ABVP which is abbreviated as Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. Modi sold tea when he was a child with his brothers to support his family. After seeing his work and devotion for the country he was nominated and even selected in BJP( Bhartiya Janata Party).


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