A powerful politician Narendra Modi

Today everyone is in support of Narendra Modi for pm because they have faith in his capability and willingness to do good for its country and to eliminate corruption from the same as well. Modi is one of the best and popular chief ministers in India and is considered to be the best future Prime Minister of India. He has faced a number of ups and downs still is standing erect and free of any corruption from his side. He has never played dirty tricks to fool people.

Other political parties blame BJP for changing the geography of India and for this Modi fight back in its speech. In Narendra Modi speech one can clearly hear what all changes congress bought and affected the nation. He proves that the alteration of the nation and its capturing by another nation is done in the ruling era of congress which without any doubt states that congress is behind the geographical change of the country. He said all the people have forgotten the things that the real heroes of the country did for it in the past and this is because congress neglected them to make their own presence.


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