Narendra Modi words for country

The commitment made in Narendra Modi speech to change the structure of the state was made true. This was possible only because of the passion and curiosity that Modi has for its nation’s development and growth. It’s not possible to bring changes by words. Every single individual needs to be responsible but when the time comes everyone steps back and no one is there to take initiative. Same is the case with Modi who takes initiative for betterment but people protests against him to prove him wrong and win the seat. Unlike other politicians who just want to make money for their life, Modi has devoted himself to the growth of the nation. So, no one has the right to blame Modi for any situation, if they can’t stand for the right.

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Even after so many protests and blasts to threaten Narendra Modi, he stood erect for the nations goodwill. Modi knew his path is not easy and will be alone at many stages he moved ahead because the one who is correct is never afraid of any harm. Modi has accomplished every single thing that he thought for his state.


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