Narendra Modi for PM

Right now Narendra Modi is serving Gujarat as a Chief  Minister representing the same Bhartiya Janata Party.  He became the fourteenth CM of Gujarat on 7th October 2001 and since then is serving the state well. With this he has made a record of long service period as a CM in Gujarat. He has done a great job in the development of an environment favorable for economic growth and has always been praised for the same.

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For the forthcoming election of Prime Minister, preferable choice of many people is narendra modi for pm. This is so because of the work that it had done since entered into the politics. There was no growth, no development in the area where he made changes. People love his work and support for them and  his niche to do well for the state.

Till today there had been many people who lauded narendra modi like Mr. Jagmohan Reddy who said in the press that he respects the administrative capabilities of Mr. Narendra Modi.

Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said in an interview that he admires the work that Mr. Narendra Modi does.

Miss Kiran Bedi endorsed the development that has been done in the ruling era of Modi’s.

Its not so that he has always been endorsed but have also been criticized but his work has hidden the criticism. He has done a great development in all regards. This is the reason why he has completed 12 years of leadership.


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