Use bicycle to go office at least one day in month : Modi

Gujarat chief minister and PM in waiting known for his new ideas and creative thinking. On Thursday Narendra Modi said we should use bicycle at least one day in month to go office, and in full moon night should off light. This could help to save fuel and electricity. We can often see and listen that our country people are surviving for electricity and for fuel for a long time, especially rural areas of country. For this Modi share his idea for saving fuel.


On Thursday Modi attend Vibrant Gujarat National Summit on Inclusive Urban Development program and said that we can enjoy at least one day ‘cycle day’ in a month. This is not a new idea, in Denmark peoples use cycle for their personal and professional use. Country mostly buy raw oil from other countries and in international market this is too expensive, so that every year country have to purchased 90,000 crore raw fuel. And we can off lights in full moon light, that will be help to save fuel.


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