For success of Modi’s Rally Muslims offer chadar on Grave

PM in waiting, BJP PM Candidate and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is going to roar in Nitish’s citadel. On 27th October Modi will start his BJP rally in Patna, Bihar. For this rally BJP is getting prepared, because this rally has importance. To make this rally successful Muslims offer Chadar in Grave.


In Bihar Muslims offer Chadar in grave (Mazar) at Bihar high court grave. BJP Minority Morcha state president and minister Abdul Rahman also attended activity program. He said that Muslims want to see Narendra Modi as next prime minister and for this they are praying for Modi and for success rally in Bihar.

Further Rahman said, Muslims also want development, education, prosperity and peace in country, so they also hoping that Modi will be Pm of country and in different sectors. In this program of Chadarposhi, with the BJP Minority Morcha president Syed Khalid many political leaders like BJP media in-charge Rakesh Kumar Singh, Ashok Bhatt, Jharkhand Yuva Morcha workers were present in addition to the charge Santosh Ranjan Roy, attend this program.

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