Necessary to vote for everyone: Narendra Modi

BJP PM Candidate and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi requested to country people for compulsory voting. Narendra Modi requested to everyone through media persons that if country needs their leader and wants to have a golden India. Then they need to vote in election. Modi said that there are still millions of people are not voting for some reason. They could be, some don’t have their voter id card, some don’t have interested in election voting. And this is biggest cause that there is no proper government in India, and there is no proper growth here.


Modi requested to all Indians that they should make their voter id card that’s why they will be eligible for voting, and also requested to those who never vote and have voter id, that for make a better India vote is necessary to all, so please make your voter is and use your vote for better government.

On the other side, senior leader LK Advani endorses Narendra Modi for ‘Necessary to vote for everyone’. They said Modi is right and it should compulsory to vote for everyone.


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