Modi interact with students in Delhi, say make toilets before temples

On the occasion of 2nd October, Gujarat chief minister and PM nominee Narendra Damodar Bhai Modi attend a program in Delhi, which is organized for Delhi Students. In programs Modi discussed on serious matters of India. Narendra Modi said there are millions of poor people surviving in India, they don’t have a single room for living, even they don’t have toilets for use, which is common to have and very necessary.


Modi said to student make toilets first before temples. India needs development and after 65 years of independence there is no development for backward cast and for poor people. So it is our responsibilities to fulfill basic requirements. Modi said in the country of Mahatma Gandhi it is our Irony, that women in country are surviving for toilets, they are helpless for go outside. Modi said I am a Hindu and I don’t deserve to said against temples, but a quality leaders have to maintain these all things.

On the other side Britain’s High Commissioner in India, James Bevan visiting Uttarakhand, said that like all other states of India, Gujarat could be better of relation, and it cannot be avoided.


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