Muslims are praying for Modi’s Long life

According to BJP leaders information on the occasion of Gujarat chief minister and PM candidate Narendra Modi‘s 63th birth day Muslims were pray for Modi’s long and healthy life in Mahim Dargah. Maharashtra BJP Minority Morcha President Haider Azam told IANS, that all Muslims prayed for Modi’s long, healthy life and pray that he will be next prime minister of India, we all Conferred flowers in Dargah.

gujarat_leading (1)

BJP MMM also invited poor people for mile, which was arranged by Mumbai city unit chief Ashish Selar. Borivali MLA Gopal Shetty said that the party workers in the area, thousands of people will celebrate this party. Another party leader said this is great day for all and we all will heartily celebrate Modi’s birth day. He took the photo in Goregaon 63 large balloons will be released into the air. Somewhere else Muslims were cut 64 kg cake for Modi.


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