Five reason of Modi’s success

Continue 3 times announced as chief minister of Gujarat state, Narendra Modi is very popular political leader, before 3 months BJP announced Modi as a head of campaign committee in Goa with his continue popularity. And now Modi announced candidate of prime minister Candidate. After be PM candidate Modi searched most on Google in one day and with this Modi beat America president Barack Obama. So why Modi is so popular lets discuss some point.


Development of Gujarat state:

In period of Narendra Modi as CM Modi presented a new model of his state. Here tremendous progress in the field of electricity, water, roads, employment, agriculture, health, etc

Focus on youth:

Modi always support youth and give them advice for countries better future. Modi seems always worried about youth career, and try to motivate them with his amazing speech.

Active on social media:

Modi wants to add with common people so he connected to people specially youth to share his views. Modi discuss to peoples on social media.

Image of strict leader:

Narendra Modi always speck against wrong decision and for wrong process which is made my Congress government.

Attacked by opponents:

Congress and other political leader always twit for Modi and try to beat him, this is also one of the important reason why Modi is so popular.


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