Modi became number one on Google search

After announced as a prime minister candidate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi add a new achievement in his reputation. As Modi became prime minister candidate, he beat most searching person president of America Barack Obama.


Now Modi is most searching person on Google. For this Modi beat Barack Obama. On the Google searches in the world Modi beat all records and be number one person in the all over world. According to source after announced as a PM candidate Modi was most searched in one day. Modi was searched more than 1 lac people on the internet. And as we know that Modi is already popular on social media for a long time.

People in all over the world are searching Narendra Modi and want to know about Modi’s all updates. That’s why Modi always be active on social media. All are expecting to Modi for a biggest revolution. Till 30 August the followers of Modi was 2,206,260. Before some days Modi beat to Congress leader Sashi Tharoor on twitter. On Modi page we can found that people are twitting on page in all languages like Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Bengali.


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