Praise Narendra Modi

narendra-modi-gujarat-no-1-growthGujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi getting popularity by Indian public day by day. Modi have done a applaud work for Gujarat State. After 2001 he held the rein of Gujarat and started work for rural areas. Now Gujarat is well developed state and growing continue.

Here I am sharing my personal experience of Gujarat state, last year I visited some cities of Gujarat like Ahmadabad, Rajkot, Kachha, Somnath. These all cities are well managed and well developed. Roads of cities are well managed and cleaned.

Highway between cities is good, and traffic system is also managed there. The think I was impressed there is transport system of Ahmadabad. Local public transport of Ahmadabad is unique and is first kind of project itself in whole world. The thousand of local public use well managed public transport Buses every day, these buses are running on CNG that’s why there is no any matter for pollution.

TATA president praise Narendra Modi for well development of Gujarat the other one CEO of Wipro also praised Modi for well developed Gujarat.


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