Narendra Modi as PM candidate best for Indian economy

In the governance of central government, this is the historical and biggest degradation of Indian rupee comparison to US Dollar. In the past 10 years Indian currency strongly down turn comparison to Dollar, and continue effacing to market. The main reason is the government leader and Finance Minister of country is not properly performing their responsibility.narendra-modi-thinking-hd-wallpapers

The public survey said that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi will be better for Indian Economy, if he will rule to country, it could be better Economy. Some biggest industrialist of country also agrees to Narendra Modi for PM is better than any other political leader.

As Narendra Modi is most popular political leader not only in country infect he is popular in also other countries. During his amazing speech and popularity Modi also got an invitation from United Kingdom and from Australia. There is thousand of follower of Modi on social media site twitter.

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