Narendra Modi is worry about currency

As country currency Rupya continues Degradation, it can be said that Indian government is not taking any strong decision about stop this. Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi seems to be worry about Degradation currency. During in this month of august country currency is continue Degradation and head of BJP campaign committee Narendra Modi twit on central government and Imputed that central government is not worry about this serious matter and is not taking any strong decision.


Failed to halt the continuing decline in the rupee attacking the UPA government, Modi hit out. Modi they just thinking about his politics and his high post. Modi further said because of down turn of money country is struggling with a serious economy matter, but government is not doing anything.

Due to continue down falling in share Market Investor got the lost of 100 Crore Dollar (approximate 6 lakh 43 thousand 350 crore). And this is really a serious matter for all of us. This is biggest Economy problem for our country.


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