Narendra Modi inaugurated Panchayati Raj for Rural development

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi while opening a two-day National Conference on Panchayati Raj and Rural Development also called upon the Indian to link the development with strong of rural nation and powerful of the villages and rural areas. In his opening address Gujarat CM gave expansion about how the creative development verge could be launched at the rural area level using the medium scheme of Panchayati Raj.

Modi for PM

The national conference of two-day unified by the Gujarat’s government Panchayat, Rural Development and Rural Housing Department is compiled at an important period of time when the state government is executeing the Golden Jubilee of Panchayati Raj in State. The conference will have 5,900 members from the different sectors of Gujarat state of rural area development sectors, Panchayati Raj sector and other officials officers five technical sessions and 20 group discussions many of them are businessman and running their business in stete. On the other side 32 experts are from different subject areas who will work for rural undoveloped areas of Gujarat state.


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