Narendra Modi stated Secret of Social Media

As we all know that Gujarat chief minister Narendra modi is active on social media for a long time. Here Narendra Modi shares some point with an interview with ANI news agency.

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The first question asked to Modi that After all, what is it that the BJP itself as an organization and as part of social media has kept his campaign? Modi replied, During in my speech I realized that the present time is based on knowledge and information. No person or entity shall not tolerate any monopoly of knowledge and information. In this digital world this is compulsory to have connection of communication between both public and organization.

Recently I was in Pune and I was surprised when college youth answered my one of request uniquely with social media in Fergusson College. I appreciate the BJP as an organization is taking it seriously. And it would play a big role in bringing major change in India. ” And I thinks every political leader must use social media for communication with public.


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    Great going ,waiting for Narendra Bhai to represent our country on International arena

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