Modi will be PM candidate : cleared Rajnath Singh

During a tour of America BJP President Rajnath Singh cleared that if the BJP comes to power after the 2014 general election, then Narendra Modi wiil be PM candidate surly. He also said as election comes nearly and after, some also joined party for support, and said we are totally focusing on development in this election.

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He further said this is not important to collect crowd in for a party president, and he will be PM candidate too, I have just responsibly of party, I have work and I will do that. In this election, this is my aim to win party.

He also indicate to other party that some peoples taking wrong for narendra modi, “Before Seven months, I appointed Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the party’s election campaign committee chairman, what is wrong with that, every party appoint so I was. So why other party workers taking it wrong.

Modi is a capable leader and also popular in India, almost all Indians are like modi and want to see him as a next Prime Minister, and in my opinion he deserves it.


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