Development person Narendra Modi

Chief minister of Gujarat state Mr. narendra modi know as Development person. Why public and other political leaders call him by Development person let’s have some discuss on it.


In 2001 Narendra modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat after Keshu Bhai Patel. Situation of Gujarat state was Pitiable. Many areas of state were undeveloped, the economy was also not good there. Narendra modi hold all situation and as a good leader he stared working for his state. He made some important strategies for rural areas and first worked for backward areas. Under modi’s leadership made some teams with specialist, who were experts to handle such kind of problems. After better situation of rural modi turned on urban areas. He welcome many manufacturing companies to Gujarat and also developed business with other countries via sea way. He fully used to natural resources into state development and maintained natural spots for tourists. With a large scale business in Gujarat, state has better economy in Country. These are some point which made Gujarat best state in country and Narendra modi as a best Chief Minister of Country.


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