BJP never wants to leave modi

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The president of  BJP Rajnath Singh has already career in media that Narendra modi is most popular in the party and in Indian politics. Now BJP senior leaders are planning to make  Narendra modi as a candidate of LokSabha pulse of 2014. As we know that Narendra modi is now head of the BJP campaign committee. In Narendra modi speech he said that this is really a big responsibility for him and he will never disappoint to party workers. After these Narendra modi words party workers are really impressed with him and is in mood to launch modi as a candidate for Loksabha election in 2014. Some other members of BJP are not happy with modi’s actually they want to see campaign committee head as a LK Advani in place of Narendra modi.  But Rajnath Singh announced modi name because modi is popular as well as he deserve the post. Lk Advani reigned from all post, and that was not good for part and for narendra modi, after requesting from Rajnath Singh and other parties member Advani agreed.


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