New face of BJP campaign committee

On Sunday Gujarat Chief Minister ‘narendra modi’ named head of BJP campaign committee. In next year’s general elections in the country, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will take over command of the campaign. After become head of campaign committee narendra modi speech on UPA government. And after great responsibility Narendra Modi himself expressed happiness on Twitter and thankful for senior leaders. Party activists started to celebrate with intense when modi name announced as head of campaign committee. In BJP meeting in Goa a time came when Advani Given the displeasure of the CEC is projected to be the convener, but given the enthusiasm of the supporters of Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi became new face of BJP campaign committee.


This is going to be a big plus point for narendra modi to become strong candidate of Next PM post. The BJP workers start their activity of next Lok sabha Polls of 2014.

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