Gujarat won again under narendra modi

A big punch in Gujarat by-election shows that how much narendra modi famous and popular in Gujarat. As we all know that modi is a fire brand of BJP and most popular BJP leader in all country. Two Lok Sabha and four Rajya sabha seats are now under of BJP and this is one of the biggest point for modi to become candidate for next Prime Minister of general election of 2014. The senior leader of BJP Rajnath singh already said for modi that Modi is the most popular political leader in country. On the other hand LK Adwani admire to MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and in reply Mr. Chauhan said that narendra modi is number one I am not, because he really deserve it.


In comparison to all states of India, Gujarat is only state found which had 5 times growth other then all. Peoples of Gujarat are really appreciate to modi’s work for Gujarat and the prove is that modi became chief minister continue three time. And now BJP caught 2 Lok Sabha and 4 Rajya sabha out of 10 seats under narendra modi.

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