Except Modi there is no other choice

The Lok Sabha general election of 2014 are approaching, it is exodus in parties to declare their candidate. If we talk about BJP, the party has no other option accept narendra modi. As we know in 12 years of his career narendra modi completely changed structure of Gujarat. Not only Gujarat development is pointing to the fact that narendra modi should be the next prime minister of India, infect he is a ideal of youth of India and a nice man. Narendra modi is the unique personality and he has all the qualities to become a Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi

Modi is not only the first choice of BJP, some congress leaders are also want to see him as a next prime minister, because country’s are expecting to him. There are many reasons and  problems that the country’s economy has deteriorated, and the country is nor developing. As in Gujarat modi maintain the economy, he is able to maintain the country’s economy too. So why we going with other one. Modi is the only option the country and party have.


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