Success story of Ahmadabad-Modi


There was a time when Ahmadabad was suffering from highly generated traffic, and there was a deeply pollution in the city. According to a survey every year 4 lacs wheecals are join to Ahmadabad city, this is one of the reasons for worst traffic condition for Ahmadabad city. In 2006 the BJP government took a serious decision and makes a unique strategy to handling Ahmadabad traffic. In the under of Gujarat chief minister narendra modi the project of Ahmadabad BRTS was begin and the project name was ‘JANMARG’. They completed this project in very few time and start for public. In the middle of roads they made a janmarg for BRTS buses, and prepared bus stop in middle of roads. In some time this transport system made a new record. Gujarat government hosts one of the most economical public transport systems in the whole world. The Ahmadabad is the only city in the India where this kind of public transport system applied. This system solved almost all traffic problem of Ahmadabad and helps to make city green.


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  1. I’ve been to Ahmedabad and seen the BRTS Janmarg there. Perhaps it is successful because the road width is quite comfortable to make this happen. Where as to repeat the success story, Indore city ( MP ) is also coming up with the same project of BRTS. The catch is the city has got less width space as compare to that previous one. We’re hoping to have the same success in our Indore city.

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