The management needs to take lessons from Narendra Modi

The director of a famous software company Mr. Narayan Moorti praise of narendra modi on Monday in Vadodra. Mr. narayan Moorti said that Narendra modi is a good manager. According to Mr. moorti fast development in Gujarat in few years is really appreciative and for narendra modi he is really a good manage. In detail he said modi did a awesome management for Gujarat state and other state

aa have to learnt from narendra modi, how to prepared a development model for a state and for common peoples. Gujarat follows rules with good management and worked for roads, lights, and basic facilities for common peoples.

Mr. Narayan moorti is a rich personality person, he always comments for something special. If he commented for Gujarat management that means narendra modi absolutely will get profit for moorti’s comment in upcoming general election in 2014.

Further Mr. moorti said when I come to Vadodra and Ahmadabad, the roads and electricity system attract to me, and this shows that Gujarat Government really worked for common peoples.


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