Donate books as same to save Life- Modi

Chief Minister of Gujarat narendra modi visited a books fair in Ahmadabad. Here he donated books to common peoples related to Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel’s biography. According to modi, to donate books is a simple thing but when he did so, he felt good. In narendra modi blog he told that donate books to Indigent peoples is same as save life of unaided. Narendra modi wrote in his blog ‘ I am really appreciate to Gujarat Sahitya Parishad and Gujarat Publisher Board to organize such kind of great program. This will take a layer of knowledge to whom those want to have knowledge but don’t have sufficient money to buy books.’

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Further he wrote that in exhibition the most likely place he found, where free books had been arranged to donate. Today peoples are getting lose interest to read books in society, which is not good for all. He was thankful to those people, who converted books to e-books, e books can be read online from tablet, computer, or through mobile phones. This is a good platform to read books. Today’s youth are interested to read online books, some books are famous because these have digitization and can be read online.


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