Narendra modi is far from Delhi- Kapil Sibal

On Sunday the Chief Minister of Gujarat narendra modi visit Karnataka,  he preach down congress there, he commit many lines on congress and for Rahul Gandhi, actually he didn’t show the exact name of rahul Gandhi but lines was about for congress and for rahul. On the other hand narendra modiKapil sibal preach down modi and said modi is not able to be candidate of PM, this will affect the PM post by presenting modi as a Candidate.

The union minister of telecommunication Kapil Sibal ruined dream of becoming the prime minister, and said Delhi is far from narendra modi, pointer to other senior politicians  he said that other senior politicians are waiting for Prime Minister post for many years, and there are also many leaders who is also still want to be prime minister of this country, so how it can be possible for narendra modi to become a prime minister, even he is not applicable to be a candidate of this post, who will support modi.

Even Kapil sibal allegation to modi for represented the fake development model of Gujarat. Nobody knows the real story, let’s see what happen, will modi become prime minister of India or Not.

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