BJP said Rahul is a ‘big zero’ against Modi

Pointed to congress vice president Rahul Gandhi as a Big zero against narendra modi, BJP claimed that congress leaders are afraid modi name in their dream. National spoke person Vijay sonkar shastri said in a news conference in Indore that, Rahul is a big zero against to narendra modi, and congress political leaders afraid to modi’s name.

Narendra modi speech

However when that question arise that, why BJP is so confused related to announce modi’s  name as prime minister candidate. Then he said our BJP national president Rajnath singh said that BJP cannot decide fast to announce PM candidate.

Further Mr. Shastri dismissed sectarianism accusation to modi and said minority community is living happily in Gujarat, and this is the reason that modi elected third time in Gujarat. In conference he pointed to many issues and rape in the country to be focused.

On the other hand in narendra modi speech in Ahmadabad modi maul to central and said that central government undermines the country’s federal structure. On the public service day in narendra modi blog he wrote that Sardar Patel is credited with establishing the Public Service of Independent India.


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