Success formula by narendra modi

In new Delhi narendra modi addressed the party’s national office bearers and gives some tips for upcoming election. Modi also emphasized on the use of social media, in narendra modi speech he said that Inflation and corruption these two are the biggest issue for country. Village of inflation and corruption – to be brought to the village and people explained that inflation has risen due to corruption.

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Modi asked to focus on social media, He says about 14 million people are using mobile Internet. All of our promotional tools to be used to communicate. Further he said, means to us, but we do not use them money and time is wasted millions in election campaigning, using social media is better suited to the election campaign. Further he said sources but we don’t use them, crores of rupees are wasted every year in electoral campaigns, social media and other sources we can use for the election campaign, a good leader is always keep Economic Status of country in any case, because a economic power is only declared the real power of country.


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