Next PM of India | Narendra Modi

Narendra modi The Chief Minister of Gujarat now a days strong candidate for next Prime Minister of India. Mr. Modi is not only popular in India for his great and excellent work, infect he is popular in other countries.

Now Entrepreneur of west Bengal will also learn modi’s “namo” formula. Yes Modi will speech in west Bengal (Kolkata) in first week in April, modi will go to Kolkata 9th of April. A organization of MCC Chamber of commerce and industry of Kolkata arrange the for the speech of Modi.  Just before modi presented speech  in Delhi’s Shri Ram collage, after on Google Hangout presented on line Speech. These all speeches were effected lot on peoples that’s why now modi is going to take a incredible speech in Kolkata.

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The director of MCC R. K. Sen said that, “we want to know that how Mr. modi prepared the Development model for Gujarat” so we call modi to here for know the success formula. For know more about narendra modi visit our website


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  1. As far as security issues are concerned, Modi will take a harsh stand against all anti- national elements.

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