New formula of narendra modi “India First”

Now a days narendra modi is a biggest discussion for peoples, and the issue is, will narendra modi be the next new Prime Minister of India in upcoming general election of 2014. There are many political leaders who is not in the favor for being modi’s next PM of India, where as BJP is already declared narendra modi as a Next PM of India. Narendra modi is the fire brand of BJP. BJP can only make their own government because of modi. So why Modi is so popular for BJP as well as for youth?

Popularizes of narendra modi :

Narendra modi made many new incredible record for his state, Now Gujarat is famous for his development, narendra modi setup any new project for common peoples. He only thinks for common peoples, that’s why the unemployment percent is low in Gujarat state. Now everybody wants to see him as a next Pm of India for batter future and for batter development.

In March 2013, narendra modi addressed a video conferencing with Chicago and New Jersey’s peoples from Gandhinagar Gujarat. And he said in his video that India is first for me and its development. For more information you can visit our website


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