It’s time to grow our self- Narendra modi

Narendra modi, chief minister of Gujarat made his government third time in his state, and he is a strong candidate for next Prime minister of India in upcoming Loksabha election in 2014. The firebrand of BJP, Mr. Narendra modi, starting his competition for next PM from Karnataka Bidhan sabha election., here Narendra modi be a star advertiser for BJP.

Recently, in a meeting of new Delhi, in a narendra modi blog he said that “Its time to grow our self, Don’t need to back.” We need full energy, full power, full confidence and full patience. If we have all these four things, then we can make our nation beautiful. Modi said there are lot of talent in our (youth) country, but it need to a platform to show, or growth.

Narendra modi

Narendra modi

Narendra modi is only the Chief Minister, who don’t Discrimination in common people, that why peoples of Gujarat lives there proudly. for more knowledge you can visit our website


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