Gujarat secure with Narendra modi

As we all know about Narendra modi or about Gujarat state. Gujarat is the higher developed state in all over country. Mr. Narendra modi prepared well managed system for Gujarat state by which Gujarat made good performance in all sectors, now Gujarat have lot of projects related to almost every field.


Narendra Modi

Modi is popular for developed his state and well managed, Recently narendra modi passed a system on security. Big cities of Gujarat are now more secured this system, Mr. modi attached cameras in all places  of big cities like Gandhinagar, Ahmadabad, Surat etc.

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Now all criminal activities can be captured with these cameras, a control room is prepared for viewing activities in city, If any criminal activity is happens in any place, it is captured by camera, now operator of control room is call immediate to police and give all information of that activity. This kind of system is available in only Gujarat and first in India. Mr. modi is on way to establish this system in all over India if he will be the next prime minister of India. If You want to know more about Gujarat and also about Narendra modi You are welcome to our website 


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