Narendra modi Vs Nitish kumar

Peoples have lot of excitement related to upcoming general election for Prime minister in 2014. All political parties are preparing  their parties for upcoming election. Mr. nitish kumar Chief minister of Bihar is also present himself for 2014 election of Prime minister, In march 2013 he  present Bihar model for development he said that Bihar needs more help than other states. He said Mr. narendra modi is not applicable for Prime minister, Modi already done for Gujarat, on the other hand Lalu Prasad yadav is also against to modi, Lalu Prasad yadav said that Narendra modi will not be prime minister as I am alive.

Some political parties are against to modi, and BJP is declared modi prime minister of India in the upcoming general election of 2014.

Mr. nitish kumar put some point related to Bihar development and present the Bihar development model in Ramleela Ground in Delhi. He said Gujarat is already developed and now its time to Bihar development.

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On the other hand in Narendra modi video he gave a new definition for secularism For India. Everybody is exited for this big competition. For more information visit us at


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