Modi got clean chit for godhra kand

The chief minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra modi join the BJP in 1998, and become Chief minister of Gujarat in 2001. The starting career of modi was not so good for him, because in 2002 there was a big accident happened there. the fight between hindu and muslim, there were lot of muslim were killed there. this instance deeply affected political career of narendra modi.

Thinking about new India

Thinking about new India

Mr. modi were trapped in big trouble because godhra kand issue was fully charged on mr. Narendra modi. The godhra kand issue was one of the dangerous accident in the country, many common and innocent peoples were killed irrelevantly. All politicians and even all muslims of country ware indisposed to modi, everybody think that modi is a cause of godhra kand issue.

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After 10 years finally Supreme court issue clean chit for ghodra kan to Narendra modi. In his political career modi played a important role in his state Gujarat, after the godhra kand issue modi decide to developed his state in every field. Now Gujarat is on the number one position in India. Gujarat state is well manged and well developed in every field. Because of his excellent work modi got the clean chit

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    In common parlance ,view of narendra modi visa vis godhra is hazy ,diffuses and abbé rated .Now Supreme Court made it clear ,long live Narendra Bhai

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